Global Communication

Build a company-wide mechanism to enhance English proficiency / to encourage self-learning / to
improve responsiveness to changes in the global environment

What is the key to strengthening English skills?

To make a habit of learning and practicing English throughout the company

English in Japan is generally regarded as something to study. However, English is a communication tool, and just as in mastering any sport or musical instrument, continuous training is the only way to improve. Living in Japan presents some challenges to achieving this, but by making English a part of your everyday life, it can be done.

Introduction of events to stimulate employees and supplement training efforts

Learning English requires a strong will and high motivation to make it a daily habit. Self-study can work to some extent; however, to maximize learning effectiveness, companies need to offer a support mechanism that provides the necessary resources and motivation to continue along this path.

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Customer Issues 1

In order to expand business overseas, we want to raise English proficiency throughout the company. We have established internal and external training programs and e-learning systems, but attendance and motivation are low, and the results are not good.

  • For employees who do not have good learning habits, it is necessary to learn how to learn.
  • It is also necessary to create a mechanism for employees to learn voluntarily and continuously.
  • In order to improve English learning it is necessary to resolve these issues and to clarify areas to strengthen.
  • There is a need to let employees understand learning methods with specific examples in order to efficiently practice and to solve tasks.

Customer Issues 2

Employees can communicate in English, but they cannot build effective client / customer relationships.
Employees cannot conduct business in English as well as they do in their native language.

  • To do business in English, it is not simply enough to manipulate the language.
  • Individuals must be able to communicate business information and management knowledge in English in order to gain the trust of the other party.
  • Communication that takes into account intercultural and diversity issues is also indispensable.